5th grade students coding during science time.

About Us


Bagley School Family together at the DPCSD Fair at Eastern Market.


John J. Bagley Elementary School of Journalism & Technology, offers grades Pre-K through 6 in a nurturing, stimulating learning environment that encourages student academic achievement and provides a data driven, rigorous, challenging core curriculum. This fall, the school will offer new media-based programs, school partnerships and projects, and students will learn to creatively develop and apply their critical thinking, documentation, communication, presentation and literacy skills, explore digital innovations and enhance their publishing skills.

    Just some of the New Opportunities includes:

Accelerated Reading & Mathematics, Art, Journalism and Music Electives, DAPCEP, Student Advisory Council, The Bagley Times Student Newspaper, University of Detroit Jesuit High School Mentoring Program along with Accelerated Reading/Math, Vocal Music, STEM Program, Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP), Choir, Sports, and Quarterly Awards Programs.

           It just keeps on Getting Better at Bagley:

Bagley is also designated a Community School which provides a Signals for Excellence Program, a Community Coordinator; the Pathways 2 Potential Family Resource Center which offers a DHS Success Coach and Employment Specialist. The school also offers a School Social Worker, Counselor, Psychologist, Speech Teacher and a Special Education program for students with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments.

                             High Quality Pre-Kindergarten

We offer a high quality early learning experience for special needs and general education students 4 years of age by November 1. Detroit Public Schools’ Pre-K classroom curriculum is aligned with the National Early Childhood Standards and Michigan State Board of Education’s Early Childhood Standards of Quality.


Our Vision

The vision of John J. Bagley Elementary School is to empower students to achieve at their highest potential by creating a supportive, student centered and data-driven learning environment. Together with community partnerships, we can ensure a nurturing learning environment that fosters students’ success.

Our Mission

Our mission at John J. Bagley Elementary School, in collaboration with the community, is to ensure all students receive a quality education that allows them to compete academically on a statewide, national and global level. We monitor our students’ academic growth through continuous and varied assessments. Leading students to be productive and responsible citizens in our multi-cultural and technological society.